Saturday, September 19, 2009

10 new ideas to earn money in photography

Hi everyone-
Sorry I have been a little absent! I got hit with a nasty flu bug! But I am back at it now. So here is a great little article I came across that I think has some solid ideas for all you freelancers out there. Some of these ideas are pretty innovative I have to say! Enjoy! PS- if you make it good with any of these be sure and let me know OK? I LOVE hearing about your success!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Photography Tip of the day

When you first start out in photography, you will have two ways to earn money- basically two business models. The first is selling photos. The second is selling your service as a photographer.

If you are going to sell photos, this means that you will speculate on what might sell and go out and take pictures of it. Then you take those pictures to your market and try and sell them.

If you sell your service as a photographer, this means that you will be given an assignment to take specific photos of something (either personal such as a wedding, or commercial such as product shots). These photos will usually have limited value to the client who has hired you (who else would want a photo of Erin and John's wedding?)

Either way you go- the number one key to being successful in photography is to know about marketing, pricing, negotiations, and having good interpersonal relationship skills. These are the keys to any good business. Without these, you may be an awesome photographer, but if you don't understand business, you will probably never make it full time.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Freelance Tip

When you first start out in photography it can be harder to get work if you don't have any references. One of the best ways to build references is to work for free.

Let me explain- Let's say your friend is going getting engaged and they want some memorable pictures of the engagement party (or some other kind of event). You offer to show up for free and shoot photos,you make the agreement ahead of time that the only cost to them would be purchasing any of the photos they might like. Before you know it, you probably have earned $100 or more from picture sales. Not only do you get paid, you get experience, and you get a referral! Total win-win!

What are some of the creative things you have done to earn money with photography?