Sunday, July 5, 2009

Top 3 truths-
About earning money selling photos

1. Photography is a Business-
If you want to become a full-time professional photographer, you will need to implement the same business practices as any other business (we will have an article coming soon on how to set up your photography business).

2. I need to practice my craft-
When I was young, I took piano lessons for 6 months. I gave up because I grew tired of just playing scales...I wanted to play songs! Little did I know that you can't play a song without first learning some scales! Photography is the same way. It is an art that requires practice and skill to become a high-paying, top photographer ( we will publish a post soon on the best way to practice your craft with tips from seasoned professionals).

3. You can make money taking pictures (even if you don't intend to follow rule one or two)-
They say in life that there are exceptions to the "rule". It is very true that you really can earn an income without going into photography full time. Let's face it, not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur! It takes a lot of risk to go full time into any independent endeavor. Not everyone will be the next Ansel Adams either!

Most people, however, think to themselves, "wouldn't it be great if I could earn a little extra doing what I love doing...taking pictures"? You can! There are many ways to do this. granted you won't pay the mortgage with the income, but you may pay for a nice vacation with the money you earn in a year... or afford to buy a car! You can earn money as a part-time freelance photographer!.

Come back soon for part 2 where we continue our discussion on the truth of freelance photography!